Hydroxy In Motion is a revolutionary company that is offering cutting edge technology systems in hydroxy injection for all industries where internal combustion engines are used (automobiles, commercial trucks, earthmoving equipment, generators & marine boats & ships)


By injecting hydroxy gas into an internal combustion engine you are able to increase horsepower, reduce your engine maintenance and add years to the life of your engine with the major benefit of achieving a guaranteed minium of 10% fuel consumption reductions and 70%-90% reductions in emissions. No other product on the market can achieve the results we can

Hydroxy In Motion is the official distributor in South Africa for Central Valley HHO from California – USA. Central Valley HHO has had years of experience and success in all markets across the world and provide class leading products. All Hydroxy injection units of Central Valley HHO are endorsed by the godfather of Hydroxy technology “Bob Boyce”

Hydroxy In Motion only offers top quality hydroxy injection units that produce Ortho hydroxy which is far superior to conventional para-hydroxy systems available on the market. Buy right 1st time buy Ortho Hydroxy injection units.


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